Lesson Ten – The Police

Police are not your friend. Never ever call them or have anything to do with them unless absolutely necessary. The only viable situation in which to call police is to prevent the death or kidnapping of you or someone you care about. If they are already dead or kidnapped, the police are no longer of value. That’s IT. Your involvement with the police ENDS THERE. NO EXCEPTIONS. Do not call the police for petty crimes. Do not report crimes unless you can do so absolutely and totally anonymously. And only in situations in which the police can catch people in the act and don’t need your testimony.

A man who fights dragons too much eventually becomes a dragon. A man who stares into the abyss long enough eventually becomes the abyss. No that’s not my original quote its Neitzsche. A cop who fights criminals for long enough becomes a criminal. A cop who stares into the evils of the world for long enough eventually becomes the evils of the world. Cops deal with the worst people day in an day out. Drug abusers, thieves, psychotically violent people, child abusers, and people who break traffic laws and don’t care and people who live off law breaking, etc. They deal with angry drunks and people with a non functional level of intelligence…just everyone. That crap rubs off on them.

Cops also have unchecked power. Only recently have cops started being charged with things like murder and manslaughter. And that’s only because they’ve been so abusive and terroristic that people want cameras put on them. And people know you can film an arrest and get a good viral video because after the cops put someone in handcuffs they’re going to tase and kick and punch the person. Its just what they do, its so consistent that they’ll break the law you can catch them easy. They make the news constantly all over the country with viral videos of them beating and shooting and abusing the living shit out of people. They do it so much that people expect it. Which is by definition terrorism.

Cops don’t care. They just don’t. They don’t give a fuck about you or your situation or anything. If they pull you over for a traffic violation killing you crosses their minds many times. They are very weary of people who pull guns on them or get violent. They expect it in every situation. That mindset of kill or be killed weighs on them big time. Eventually they will kill someone. And not totally unjustified. The people they kill are usually total scumbags. But they don’t often do it in self defense. They love to take out that frustration and anger and stress on people. In their minds the people deserve it. And typically they do. But deserving something and upholding laws conflict and the laws should always win. But they don’t. And just because the cop is dealing with you they typically assume that you’re the same scumbag that they always have to deal with. Even if you aren’t.

Not all cops are bad. Some genuinely care about their communities and don’t want to help contribute to a society of violence. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Even the good ones are humans with guns and power and a job that makes them immune to the law in a huge amount of situations. Cops came to my door with guns drawn and when I opened the door they pulled me out with a gun literally in my face and arrested me. They then went through my house and seized my property. Cops can do this. If they have a warrant. These cops didn’t. To the rest of us that’s aggravated assault, kidnapping, armed robbery and a breaking and entering. There was no way on earth a judge would have granted them a warrant based on the ramblings of a schizophrenic person. So they took it upon themselves.  And that’s cops. And that’s why you avoid them.

There’s no way you can win against cops. If they want you for anything there’s no getting away or convincing them that you’re not guilty or anything. The only thing you should ever say to an officer is “I plead the fifth”. Officers want your blood. And you’re giving it to them when you talk about situations. If you’re just getting a ticket you keep your hands on the wheel and say “Yes, sir” when he tells you you’re either getting a ticket or a warning. Never be condescending, never argue, never do anything. They are looking for an excuse. I’ve had a cop harass me for maybe 15 minutes, Im absolutely sure he wanted to see if he could piss me off and either shoot me or charge me with more crimes than an expired plate. He was very clearly fishing for more. An expired plate is nothing. In the great scheme of things it hurts no one, it does nothing, its just a fee that hasn’t been paid. Something like a ticket is the only reasonable response to something like an unpaid fee. To be screamed at and harassed and threatened is not reasonable. But…this is the police.

They are always looking for more. Petty crimes are petty crimes. They want someone to shoot. Someone to hit. Someone to drive their knee into while they are on the ground. They want that release. It makes them violent and dangerous and criminals. Like I said though there’s no way you can win against them. There are more of them than you. They have the best lawyers. The get an insane amount of preferential treatment by judges and jurors. No matter what you do they will always be human. They will always have to deal with horrible people and they will always become horrible people themselves. Avoiding them is the only successful strategy.


Lesson Five – Money, food, water.

There’s a book called and about the high cost of being poor. Your communities are more expensive. You cant afford the entry cost to bulk items so you have to pay high costs for what you use in small stores. The trick is what you buy, and saving to buy in bulk. You can buy Ramen and whatever else in bulk and get it for almost nothing.

If you look at the characters in the hood people typically don’t look healthy. They are either overweight and out of shape or super skinny and out of shape. Some of it is cultural. They don’t care it’s not important. Most of it is diet. If you go to a rich white neighborhood a lot of them run and go to the gym and have gym equipment at their house. Its important to them. They can also afford it.

Gym memberships are cheap. Chicken is cheap. Ramen is cheap. Rice, egg noodles, there are a lot of cheap foods. You just have to learn how to eat cheap and stay healthy while no one else around you is. You just have to make do with what you have. You need to accept that. You cant go to dinner and you cant buy food that isn’t cheap. Every now and then you can hit up McDonalds or something. But ideally you need to go to a bulk foods store and buy what you can afford. You need to be able to save as much money as possible for all the necessities of life.

My advice is read the book. Or at least skim through it you lazy fuck.

Lesson number one. Acceptance.

You’re simply not going to make it if you care. You need to let go of caring. Keeping up appearances is over. Why do you think these jokers dress so flashy? Because they really have nothing to show for themselves on any level. You can always buy flashy clothes though and fake it on the outside. You’re surrounded by people who let their kids smoke cigarettes. Who sell their food stamps for smokes and alcohol. Who don’t care about being educated, feel disenfranchised, and know that they’ll never be more than what they are no matter how hard they try. So they don’t try. They don’t have goals. They don’t care about life or property. And they don’t care about your life or property.

If you care about the things that they don’t care about you will be weaker than them. They have adapted to the environment and so should you.  Assuming you haven’t already. If you’re doubly worried about your car windows being busted out so would be thieves can search your car for some prescriptions then when it happens every couple months its going to be very annoying. If you accept it and move on. You should be fine. You can always get your revenge. That’s a later lesson though.

So own it. You live with people too stupid and unmotivated to hold the most menial of jobs. There are a handful of people around you that do have and keep jobs. They are what I like to call the sustainers. They typically always have what I call leeches, people who use their stability to stay alive, under them. Don’t get caught up in anything while you’re here. Plan on getting out. Don’t make friends, don’t make enemies, don’t make business partners. Nobody here has anything to offer you. If they did they’d live in a better environment.

I’m sorry but excited that you live in the hood.

I’m sorry that this blog is at all relevant to you. If it is you likely live or have lived in the hood. Your income is that of someone who resides in a ghetto ass neighborhood. And I apologize for that. I also want to tell you that it has a lot of positives. It’s never boring. Well sometimes it is. And if you’re also a white boy you’ll never fit in unless you dumb it down…a lot. And then you’re like a novelty item and the locals aren’t threatened by you. This is my advice blog for you. Read or don’t. I don’t care. That’s lesson one. Learn how to not care.