Lesson sixteen – Rioting, fuck the police, yea yea yea

Rioting is fun for everyone. It really is. Unless youre someone that suffered property loss and monetary damage. You wouldn’t be rioting if you had shit that stood to be broken. Rioters always have nothing or they live sufficiently far away that their stuff isn’t going to be stolen.

Rioters get to break stuff and throw stuff and beat people up and do so without any consequences. Police get to dress in badass outfits and beat the crap out of subhuman animals. The rest of us get to watch on YouTube. So its not like riots are so bad that they’ll never happen. They’ve been happening like bi weekly in this country because people are sick of police abuse and criminality. They beat and kill and maim and deny medical treatment to shitty people and they die. Because that’s what happens when you shoot and beat on little crackheads, they die. Then everyone freaks out.

Rioting however is a lost cause. There are riots like the one’s that started the Soviet Union and the French Revolution¬†and there are riots that are black people looting pharmacy’s for drugs and toilet paper. America has no real effective riots. Police have too many guns and if it gets too far the national guard is brought in. And people stand no chance against war machines like what the national guard have. They might be unorganized and a lot of their equipment missing or broken but their guns always work and their armored vehicles are still armored.

Lenin didn’t have to fight tanks. The French didn’t have to go up against Squad Automatic Weapons mounted on armored vehicles. So people just break some windows steal some shit and everyone thinks they are just animals. Which of course they are. And the cause is forgotten. I read some articles about how rioting is actually a great way to get a point across. No it’s not. No one will ever reform or make serious change when you alienate white people by beating on them and breaking their stuff. That’s all. Odds are you’ll never experience a riot. So I wouldn’t worry about this.

And in all reality if you took out photographers and news crews and bystanders watching the action the “riot” would be like 20 people breaking stuff. The other two thousand people are there for fun and profit.