Lesson Twenty – They don’t care. You shouldnt.

I was listening to an M83 album on youtube and saw a link on the side for a documentary about lion killing. If you don’t know, people pay land owners in Africa pretty sizable amounts of money to just shoot their way through the landscape for a few days. They kill countless animals and large animals. Anything worth a trophy. They’ve deducted that controlled hunting is sustainable. And it is. But its the mentality behind it. That we’re allowed to kill and destroy because we’re human.

Every living thing has DNA or in the case of viruses RNA that has a path all the way back to the original organism. They have managed to be successful passing that DNA through all time. And now humans have pretty systematically changed the face of the earth and eliminated countless organisms. They make no attempt at stopping, only slowing down. The oceans used to be packed with a massively larger quantity and size of fish. Every fisherman will tell you otherwise but that’s why it is the way it is.

Humans in short, aren’t going to last forever. There’s a few archeological grave sites of genocides and cannibalism in Germany that date back as far as seven thousand years ago. In another seven thousand years there will be no one to care or speculate on the horrible things we do in our time. Those people that lived in Herxheim are totally unknown. Their story is totally unknown. And by that their lives and deaths never mattered. Yours is the same. We try so hard to get by and survive and then we die and then we were nothing more than a chain in the link of evolution. To think that you’re more than that is a fabrication to give yourself more worth.

God is questionable. No one can say there is a God, there is no God, give God a name, or give God a purpose. God has never been here. He will never be here. Everyone that tells you otherwise is lying to overcome the insignificance of their lives. Nothing hurts more than to know the finality of death. But no one really knows what comes after death. Odds are, logically, biologically, nothing. But you can’t say for sure.

The point of this post is about motivation. What motivation do we have when everything we could ever do is so futile? When we die there are plenty to take our places and with time all of us are forgotten. Where then do you draw the passion to survive and overcome and become better than our current situation? I cant tell you where to find your motivation. I found mine in passion. No matter how futile this existence is I cant stand to see people get victimized. I can’t stand to see corrupted people in power abusing the masses. I can’t stand that people cycle victimization amongst each other. I have my passion built into me. It makes me who I am. Its the well spring from which I flow. It changes like the surface of the sun but like the sun its always hot. I don’t know where you find yours. Most everyone has no passion. They live and die and are content with being slobs the whole way through. Only special people do. Only those people are able to try to overcome hardship.


Lesson Thirteen – Trust

Be mean to people. No one is allowed to borrow anything. Everyone should know that your shit is yours and they risk everything to make it theirs. This isn’t the suburbs. Your neighbor borrowing something really means you giving it to them. Odds are they aren’t even your neighbor they’re just knocking on random doors. Years ago in the old west if you stole anything a band of vigilantes would come and shoot you and then hang you. Your property is everything in harsh environments. They know that. They don’t respect you asking for your stuff. That’s their first mistake.

You’re going to have property stolen. That’s a fact of life. You’re going to leave something somewhere and come back minutes later and it be gone. These people are like seagulls looking for a piece of bread. They’ll hang where you can’t see them and swoop down and be gone in an instant when you turn your back. That’s a fact of life in the ghetto. Anything not bolted down and protected by the business end of a firearm can and will be stolen. You’re going to want to use your neighbors children as clay pigeons because they steal from you but your only real course of action is to let it go. If they’re trying to rob you, i.e. steal from your person, in most states you have the right to defend yourself.

Girls will ask you for drugs after acting like they like you and want to get to know you. Or money. They don’t give a fuck about you. Opiate addicts care about one thing. All drug addicts care about one thing. And unless you are their drug of choice that one thing is not you. Don’t get fooled. You’re never getting borrowed money back. And that’s fine. Don’t give them money. And if you feel like being merciful today and do want to give them something don’t give them enough to make it worth their while to come back. 1-4 dollars. 5 is enough for them to come back. And try to do it in quarters. Something a drug dealer doesn’t want. Helpful but not helpful is your mantra when helping people.

Never ever let someone in a position of power over you. Never let someone in your car or house unless they’re close and you trust them totally. Never give a stranger a ride. He’s going to knife you and steal your car. He doesn’t care about getting far. Always assume everyone is going to try to kill you and steal your shit and get away with it.  You need to always be in the position of power.

Don’t trust anyone. DTA. Live by it. Say it to yourself every time someone wants anything from you. DTA, DTA, DTA, DTA.

Lesson Eleven – Credit

It’s very easy to get some credit in this country. If you have a job and a decent or empty credit history you can get some credit. Which is great. Its important to be able to have some money that simply isn’t yours that you can use in emergencies. Wealthy people have awesome credit cards and awesome credit rates. Credit companies basically pay them to use their credit cards. The reason is the desire for their business vs. the competition. They have to offer great deals and offer high credit lines and incredibly low interest rates. They will profit off the wealthy person, albeit not a ton, but they’ll make some money in the end.

Most Americans get terrible rates on credit cards. Because most Americans owe on credit cards. They cant pay them off, and when they do they typically owe money again almost immediately after. Credit companies make a ton of money off the average Joe. They don’t offer great deals they offer decent deals and at best a crappy interest.

You get the absolute worst deals. You get absolutely no incentives and very high interest rates. This should deter low income people from ever using credit.  The problem being is that most low income people don’t make enough money to survive. We rely on unreliable income and even get that in small amounts. If we want to buy our kids birthday presents or take them to Chuck E Cheese or whatever we typically have to put that on credit. Really anything not food and rent goes to credit. And we can never pay it off because we’re never making more money. Either the same money or less. Credit card companies LOVE this. They make so much money in the end. We pay more interest by a huge margin than money borrowed by the ends of our lives. Its a scam. And it helps keep the rich rich and the poor poor.

Again this goes to the entire mantra of staying alive in the ghetto. You, being an American, think, “Something should be done about that.” Yea absolutely. It’s hurting a ton of people and contributes to a below par lifestyle for a ton of people. But there are no champions of the poor. Poor people don’t vote. Even if they did no presidential nominee would ever combat real issues in this country. They make up issues like gay marriage that have no real intrinsic bearing on anything and use vague words like “Hope” to not tackle this stuff.

The only way to survive the ghetto is the same way you survive the desert. You accept that you are not in control of the environment and have absolutely no bearing in “the way things should be.” You just have to stick to your goals of staying fed and hydrated and getting the hell out of there. Learn humility, learn how things work, and make critical decisions. Don’t waste a minute or a dollar trying to change things. Don’t forget why you live in the ghetto in the first place. You have no value therefor your voice and opinion has no value. Accept it, own it, move on.

Lesson six – Does anyone read this?

I mean actually read it? I hope not. Because today we’re going to talk about unscrupulous things. Things that make the hood the hood and make life there interesting. The first being ho’s. Street girls. Or not street girls. Sometimes stripper by day and hooker at night.

The first thing you should know about a lady of the night in modern times is that she’s a drug addict. She absolutely does some type of drug or many drugs way too much and with the quantity and persistence of a drug addict. The funny thing about drug addicts is they always die before getting off drugs so there’s no real way you can tell if it was a hobby or addiction. Im kidding, its obvious.

That being said if the internet, phone, or texting is used to contact this hooker you should know truth number two about hookers. Their pictures are always old. They’re always pre drug addiction. They’re going to look young and fit and healthy. In person you’re so lucky if they’re healthy. So lucky.

The third truth is that who they are is not who they are. People are people. Even actors keep many traits of being a human. Like wanting company, attention, affection, love, companionship, jealous, etc. Hookers are trying to get your money. They want love and affection just like everyone and they can tap into that and do and say things to suggest that they like you and want YOU. They don’t want you. You’re gross. They want your money. They never want anything but your money. If you think otherwise you’re going to be broke. If you think otherwise you SHOULD be broke. You didn’t deserve that money.

Drugs. Drugs are great and wonderful. Not really actually. People who think drugs are great and wonderful typically have a chemistry that needs or greatly benefits from drugs. A depressed person with nothing going on would get so incredibly much more out of smoking weed than a wealthy busy and successful man who had an employee drive him to work while he planned this weekends yacht party attended by many beautiful women while sitting in the back seat. Of his luxurious $400k Bentley. It’s the way of the world. An attraction to drugs is just a sign that you have no ounce of greatness in you. You can be like, “Oh what about Scarface, don’t you see my Scarface shirt?” That’s a fictional character you asshole. Pablo Escobar died with his pants half off shot in the back by a cop. His head guys decapitated in the streets. If you think you’re going to be anything in the drug business stop reading this, you failed.

That’s it for today. I have things to do.

Lesson number one. Acceptance.

You’re simply not going to make it if you care. You need to let go of caring. Keeping up appearances is over. Why do you think these jokers dress so flashy? Because they really have nothing to show for themselves on any level. You can always buy flashy clothes though and fake it on the outside. You’re surrounded by people who let their kids smoke cigarettes. Who sell their food stamps for smokes and alcohol. Who don’t care about being educated, feel disenfranchised, and know that they’ll never be more than what they are no matter how hard they try. So they don’t try. They don’t have goals. They don’t care about life or property. And they don’t care about your life or property.

If you care about the things that they don’t care about you will be weaker than them. They have adapted to the environment and so should you.  Assuming you haven’t already. If you’re doubly worried about your car windows being busted out so would be thieves can search your car for some prescriptions then when it happens every couple months its going to be very annoying. If you accept it and move on. You should be fine. You can always get your revenge. That’s a later lesson though.

So own it. You live with people too stupid and unmotivated to hold the most menial of jobs. There are a handful of people around you that do have and keep jobs. They are what I like to call the sustainers. They typically always have what I call leeches, people who use their stability to stay alive, under them. Don’t get caught up in anything while you’re here. Plan on getting out. Don’t make friends, don’t make enemies, don’t make business partners. Nobody here has anything to offer you. If they did they’d live in a better environment.