Lesson Eleven – Credit

It’s very easy to get some credit in this country. If you have a job and a decent or empty credit history you can get some credit. Which is great. Its important to be able to have some money that simply isn’t yours that you can use in emergencies. Wealthy people have awesome credit cards and awesome credit rates. Credit companies basically pay them to use their credit cards. The reason is the desire for their business vs. the competition. They have to offer great deals and offer high credit lines and incredibly low interest rates. They will profit off the wealthy person, albeit not a ton, but they’ll make some money in the end.

Most Americans get terrible rates on credit cards. Because most Americans owe on credit cards. They cant pay them off, and when they do they typically owe money again almost immediately after. Credit companies make a ton of money off the average Joe. They don’t offer great deals they offer decent deals and at best a crappy interest.

You get the absolute worst deals. You get absolutely no incentives and very high interest rates. This should deter low income people from ever using credit.  The problem being is that most low income people don’t make enough money to survive. We rely on unreliable income and even get that in small amounts. If we want to buy our kids birthday presents or take them to Chuck E Cheese or whatever we typically have to put that on credit. Really anything not food and rent goes to credit. And we can never pay it off because we’re never making more money. Either the same money or less. Credit card companies LOVE this. They make so much money in the end. We pay more interest by a huge margin than money borrowed by the ends of our lives. Its a scam. And it helps keep the rich rich and the poor poor.

Again this goes to the entire mantra of staying alive in the ghetto. You, being an American, think, “Something should be done about that.” Yea absolutely. It’s hurting a ton of people and contributes to a below par lifestyle for a ton of people. But there are no champions of the poor. Poor people don’t vote. Even if they did no presidential nominee would ever combat real issues in this country. They make up issues like gay marriage that have no real intrinsic bearing on anything and use vague words like “Hope” to not tackle this stuff.

The only way to survive the ghetto is the same way you survive the desert. You accept that you are not in control of the environment and have absolutely no bearing in “the way things should be.” You just have to stick to your goals of staying fed and hydrated and getting the hell out of there. Learn humility, learn how things work, and make critical decisions. Don’t waste a minute or a dollar trying to change things. Don’t forget why you live in the ghetto in the first place. You have no value therefor your voice and opinion has no value. Accept it, own it, move on.


Lesson Eight – The people around you.

There’s no way you can write or catalog people that live in the hood without being incredibly racist sounding. Well its a scientifically proven fact that everyone is racist in the sense that we all have preferential logic towards our own race. So you’re racist. Im racist. Wait…are we using this word correctly? I don’t care about people that I don’t care about. If you’re not in my circle of friends and family I simply do not give a fuck about you. It definitely does not matter what your race is. So now that we’ve cleared that up, lets discuss.

“Thug” kids. These are the most dangerous, dumbest, worst people on the planet. Highly and I mean so incredibly highly susceptible to any type of affectation the media that they’re exposed to impresses upon them. They listen to music, watch shows, and hang out with people that want to be a certain way. This “thug” way. So they too want to be “thugs” and typically because in their lives they are exposed to NOTHING else this sticks so hard to them. No one ever asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up. No one ever cared about a career path and long term life plan for them and they didn’t even make it through high school. The only way to deal with this type of person is just to avoid them. Let them keep to themselves and the police. Every human seeks ways to be special and unique. And if this is the only way ever presented to them, while not special or unique, it’s a way of being something, they stick to it like a rat in a glue trap.

Drug abusers. These make up a very high percentage of people living in the ghetto. There are two classes. Functional and non functional. Functional can have jobs, even if for a little bit. Non functional typically cant hold jobs more than a day, if that, and find other way of making money or just getting drugs like theft. Theft is so huge. Theft of retailers like Best Buy or Wal-Mart pays for drug addiction in this country. If you don’t believe me you just don’t know any better. They steal. They steal so much so often and from so many different places that they can pay for drugs. They get cents on the dollar for what they steal and they can afford drugs. Drugs are cheap. If they steal a $200 GPS they can sell it super easy for $20-30 dollars. That buys a relatively small amount of drugs that will last them the day. Functional drug users, typically just alcoholics fit into this category, work for a living. You will be asked outright many times living in the ghetto if you have or know anyone that can get X or Y drugs by complete strangers. That’s normal. Just say, “No, sorry.”

Normal people. It’s hard to find normal people in the ghetto. If you do they’re typically just in a bad way. Or they never really cared about making money and having careers and were happy just doing whatever. There’s not really much to say about them. Other than that many people will seem normal and when you get to know them they fit into the drug abuser category.

Sex traders. Girls who sell sex and men who sell sex are highly dangerous. They have AIDS. They might not actually have AIDS. But assume they do. Don’t give in. Just keep telling yourself this person has deadly STD’s. Something like 1 in 5 men in this country who have sex with other men have HIV. And more than half of them don’t know it. Those are just men who have sex with men. That’s not even prostitutes. A gay prostitute absolutely has HIV or AIDS.

I can’t think of anyone else right now. That kind of fits everyone.

Lesson six – Does anyone read this?

I mean actually read it? I hope not. Because today we’re going to talk about unscrupulous things. Things that make the hood the hood and make life there interesting. The first being ho’s. Street girls. Or not street girls. Sometimes stripper by day and hooker at night.

The first thing you should know about a lady of the night in modern times is that she’s a drug addict. She absolutely does some type of drug or many drugs way too much and with the quantity and persistence of a drug addict. The funny thing about drug addicts is they always die before getting off drugs so there’s no real way you can tell if it was a hobby or addiction. Im kidding, its obvious.

That being said if the internet, phone, or texting is used to contact this hooker you should know truth number two about hookers. Their pictures are always old. They’re always pre drug addiction. They’re going to look young and fit and healthy. In person you’re so lucky if they’re healthy. So lucky.

The third truth is that who they are is not who they are. People are people. Even actors keep many traits of being a human. Like wanting company, attention, affection, love, companionship, jealous, etc. Hookers are trying to get your money. They want love and affection just like everyone and they can tap into that and do and say things to suggest that they like you and want YOU. They don’t want you. You’re gross. They want your money. They never want anything but your money. If you think otherwise you’re going to be broke. If you think otherwise you SHOULD be broke. You didn’t deserve that money.

Drugs. Drugs are great and wonderful. Not really actually. People who think drugs are great and wonderful typically have a chemistry that needs or greatly benefits from drugs. A depressed person with nothing going on would get so incredibly much more out of smoking weed than a wealthy busy and successful man who had an employee drive him to work while he planned this weekends yacht party attended by many beautiful women while sitting in the back seat. Of his luxurious $400k Bentley. It’s the way of the world. An attraction to drugs is just a sign that you have no ounce of greatness in you. You can be like, “Oh what about Scarface, don’t you see my Scarface shirt?” That’s a fictional character you asshole. Pablo Escobar died with his pants half off shot in the back by a cop. His head guys decapitated in the streets. If you think you’re going to be anything in the drug business stop reading this, you failed.

That’s it for today. I have things to do.

Lesson Five – Money, food, water.

There’s a book called and about the high cost of being poor. Your communities are more expensive. You cant afford the entry cost to bulk items so you have to pay high costs for what you use in small stores. The trick is what you buy, and saving to buy in bulk. You can buy Ramen and whatever else in bulk and get it for almost nothing.

If you look at the characters in the hood people typically don’t look healthy. They are either overweight and out of shape or super skinny and out of shape. Some of it is cultural. They don’t care it’s not important. Most of it is diet. If you go to a rich white neighborhood a lot of them run and go to the gym and have gym equipment at their house. Its important to them. They can also afford it.

Gym memberships are cheap. Chicken is cheap. Ramen is cheap. Rice, egg noodles, there are a lot of cheap foods. You just have to learn how to eat cheap and stay healthy while no one else around you is. You just have to make do with what you have. You need to accept that. You cant go to dinner and you cant buy food that isn’t cheap. Every now and then you can hit up McDonalds or something. But ideally you need to go to a bulk foods store and buy what you can afford. You need to be able to save as much money as possible for all the necessities of life.

My advice is read the book. Or at least skim through it you lazy fuck.

Lesson four – Confrontation

You, being white, will be confronted in the hood by gentlemen and ladies of other backgrounds in the attempt of frightening or threatening you. Remember, these  attacks are always unfounded and without basis. They cannot be “reasoned” out of. I put that in quotes because your logic and reason can get you out of the situation.

There are two situations. Ones can walk away from and ones you can’t. Don’t draw your firearm unless you have to. Sometimes people are just fucking around and want to get a reaction of you. This would constitute 99% of confrontations. Don’t ignore them either. Typically confidently saying something like “You alright?” puts them in an awkward position. You aren’t acting intimidating by them nor are on an opposing side. Something like that puts you on their side in a way. Like maybe they want to talk about something. You can also say something like, “Hey, whats up?” to their “Yo white bitch” comment and act like they didn’t hear you and that can diffuse the situation. You can also continue to have responses that don’t make sense. Troll them. Tell them what time it is. What you choose to do or say is very situational. The goal is to keep moving.

Situations in which you can’t walk away from are obvious. They aren’t going to keep distance or they aren’t going to stay seated. They are physically moving towards you or are already in your face. In every state you’re allowed to defend yourself. Defending yourself has multiple pros and cons. The biggest pro is the obvious one that you would be dead without having done it. The biggest con is that cops simply don’t care who started the fight and you catch a case and/or sentence. A lesser pro is that people won’t mess with you anymore. A lesser con is now you’re caught up in a familial war. Unintelligent people looking for fights with strangers on the street typically come from unintelligent families who are looking for fights wherever.

Tips for fighting. One, you should never be fighting bare handed. If you don’t have any sort of weapon at all you’re stupid and dead. Two, if you have a gun shoot and run and shoot and run. Don’t think you’re in any sort of protected area or that gun is going to defend you from being shot yourself. The intention is not to kill but to get away. If you must kill aim for center of mass and double tap. You should know this. If you’re fighting with a knife or knuckles the goal is to wound your enemy to the point where he needs to seek medical help or die. A large gut spilling slice, a solid neck hit, a femoral artery slash etc. Don’t be stingy and get deep. The human body is made to be attacked it puts everything deep. Knuckles, while considered a concealed weapon that you need a permit for, are great for totally disorienting head hits. Be aware though people who fight a lot are good at dodging punches. If you miss or he has lots of friends you probably brought the wrong weapon. A 9mm or larger with 8 or more rounds is ideal.

Always legally carry. Get the concealed weapons permit. If you ever have to use it and you’re a legal gun owner and they are not the world will have been happy to see them die and you win. Good vs. evil. If you don’t legally carry its evil vs. evil and you lived.

Lesson Three – Blending in

Odds are you don’t look like the rest of the hood rats. You know how to read. So you’re already a different breed. You don’t want to look like them. But you don’t want to be too different.

Here is a list of things that will make you prey and some random advice:

1. Being overweight.

2. Being too thin.

3. Dressing in overly nice clothes.

4. Dressing the same as them (They love to prey on each other).

5. Having few numbers/Being a loner.

6. Scruffy looking hair, beard, shirtlessness, wife beaters, etc. Basically looking poor.

7. Being white.

8. Being black.

9. Not looking like you could be concealing a firearm. If you’re out in shorts and no shirt it’s very clear you’re unarmed.

10. Hands in your pockets. Hands in your hoody is another story. You could be holding a firearm. You should be holding a firearm.

11. Putting your head down. Your head should be up. You’re not worried about anything. You’re armed or they perceive you as armed. Just the possibility will make you not worth trouble in most cases.

12. Avoiding eye contact. Make eye contact, say a greeting. They will very rarely say a greeting back. If they get aggressive don’t break eye contact, just don’t respond. Look right through them. When they see they don’t threaten you they’ll assume you’re armed and not worried about their aggression. But if you say something back instigating further aggression that won’t matter to them.

13. You need to care about your physical appearance. Hood rats don’t have the “fair fight” emotions that normal people have. An elderly woman is fair game for victimization to them. If you don’t work out or stay in shape you’re prey and not predator. Look at a lion and look at a rabbit. You don’t have to touch them or see them in action or anything beyond just an image of them to instantly gauge threat. If you’re muscular you gauge threat. Always gauge threat but don’t threaten. Size matters. Size matters so incredibly much.

14. Don’t have flashy things. Don’t leave your blinds open. Don’t have a nice car. Don’t keep your car and property super clean. Don’t have things other people will want so badly they’ll take a risk and steal said things.

15. Opening your door to strangers. Never ever do that. If you don’t know them you don’t open the door.

16. Being friends with cops. Sure cops are a necessity to society. But they’re also the most dangerous and aggressive people in the hood. Be courteous, be respectful, be very submissive and show a lot of humility. They have rules. And they love when they get to push them to the limit. Don’t give them the opportunity. But don’t be their friends.

17. Best way to avoid trouble from police is have a job. Wear your work clothes. They have so much more respect for someone in the hood if they have a job.

So blend in but don’t blend in. You might want to look like you don’t belong there. You don’t want to be one of them but don’t look like you don’t belong. Blend in to the background.

Lesson Two. Income.

People in the hood have no real income. I was making $8-15k a year. Yea that’s total crap. And I worked my ass off and wrecked my body every day doing hard labor. That’s why most people in the ghetto stay in the ghetto. Working embarrassing jobs for almost no money is usually not even an option. But if you’re a self respecting human being. You’ll work the shit jobs and you’ll be good at them. Because that’s what you have to do.

You have to buy your time until you qualify for FAFSA. Without it you’ll never get a chance to better yourself. And you’re going to have to juggle living in a low income crime ridden environment and go to school full time. That’s just what you have to do. The escape route is there. You just have to actually take it. This is the same as how to escape from the desert. If you’re trapped on an island in the pacific there’s a specific set of plans you have to take to get back to civilization. Yea there’s no assurance of success. But options are so limited that you fly or die.

As far as quality of work. That’s simple. You take what you can get. If you can get a $10/hr job at the supermarket awesome. You work there and take it seriously. Keep your eye on the prize. If you get a shitty dry wall hanging job for minimum wage…yea that’s what you do for a living buddy. You hang drywall for nothing. And you take pride in it and do a good job. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

It’s very easy to want to get caught up in criminal behavior. Which crime is awesome. It pays well and its minimum work. It’s just a shame you’re basically getting paid for risk. Don’t fool yourself no one ever got rich without breaking laws. Its a simple fact of life. But no one also ever got rich selling drugs or stealing. You might think they have. But at the age of 35 getting a 20 year prison sentence negates having been wealthy for 17 years of adult life. Prison negates wealth. Never forget that. And you live in a totalitarian (google it) country that loves to lock up career criminals and throw away the key. Not to mention after you get out of jail or off probation no one, no one, and I mean NO ONE, not McDonald’s will hire you. You have to work for yourself or under the table or go back to crime. Take that to heart. Probably the best advice you’ll ever get.

You’ll barely survive. Vacations, nice things, nice places, all these things don’t fit in your life. This is ghetto living.