Oh Em Gee…An about me page.

So about me. I grew up in nice neighborhoods with relatively nice people. Half of the time. The other half of the time was the poverty stricken, race war loving, uneducated, violent, recruit older and larger kids who in retrospection were criminal minded sociopaths to help defend your interests, and bugs, and weapons, and maintaining an image of danger. So nothing serious. Just kid stuff.

Do you want to know about my life now? FAFSA got me edumacated. I work in an office doing IT and bodybuild. I play some video games and live in a decent neighborhood in a city that ghetto’s really don’t exist. I chase the womens and I still don’t entirely fit in…but I can fake it.

Life has changed but my interests haven’t. I live in and out of low income environments pretty much my entire life. Sometimes by choice sometimes not. I’ve typically always heard, “You live in the ghetto…” the first time a girl I’m seeing comes over to my house. To which you always respond, “Yea, I love it here.” You came for advice…You’re gonna get it.

You wont always see the logic in what I say and do. Believe me though there is a lot of logic behind everything I do and say. Whether it’s erroneous or not is in the application.


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