Lesson Fifteen – Confusing lifestyles

There’s really one major difference between people who succeed in life and people who are just lost in the fray and forgotten. It comes down to who cares. Poor people party a lot. And by party I mean drink, do drugs, stay up late, and live irresponsible lives. And sooner or later they have to clean up their act and sell their body’s for awhile and catch back up on bills. That’s not a joke. Rich people party but its like day parties and they’re a few hours long and it’s more a meet and greet and showing off their shit they’ve accumulated.

There are a lot of people with really weird lifestyles. You’re going to meet girls who are more or less hookers. You’re going to meet men who have very non traditional jobs also. Really those are traditional jobs but not socially acceptable jobs.

Im honestly not real into writing this today. I just wanted to talk about something. One time I saw a girl, very on and off, she was always too busy for me. Turns out she was a hooker. I don’t know if she was just doing massages or whatever but all her friends were hookers so I assume she was too. Most of the time girls who do massages or whatever are hookers too they just get kind of pricey if you want the whole thing. Well I was at her apartment one day. And I found her appointment list. Just being at her apartment while she ignored me was enough for me to crave leaving but I found her list.

The list had about 10 appointments a day. Sometimes more. They were really just phone numbers and a really brief description of the guy. Usually something like “Mike black guy” or “Old gross guy” or “Steve cute”. This was that girl’s job. This was her life. It’s odd to think about really. Because it’s so unusual. She could have gotten a job. She’d do other things like dance at strip clubs from time to time when she needed more money. Her house was full of bongs and pot smoking tools.

It’s weird to think about from a distance. Like this person is a total waste of life. I’m not judging her. I don’t care about the way she lived. I don’t think there’s anything really wrong with prostitution. I say it because she was content with that. Messing with old gross guys was an acceptable life path. She had no higher goals. She had no desire for a furthering education or anything better. Oiling up old gross guys in the hood…That’s life. Mind boggling. I honestly don’t get people. The more I try to understand them the better I do and the deeper I see that life goes.

I don’t know if there was a point to this blog.


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