Lesson seven – Gun choices

If you live in the hood and you don’t have a gun you’re risking everything. Odds are if you have followed my rules you should be fine and never have to use it. If you present yourself as having nothing you should be fine. Typically people rob people like drug dealers because they have drugs and cash. They get robbed a ton.

Really its all about functionality versus cost. Its great if you have a concealed weapons permit and can carry a small pistol. Its great if you can afford all that. At the very least it will give you peace of mind.

In order to be robbed you must have something someone wants. If you’re in dirty work clothes you clearly have nothing anyone wants. They would assume you are as broke as them. Typically people need a very specific goal. I.e. so and so has 8lbs of marijuana an a few thousand in cash. That would make so and so a great target. They know exactly what he has, the risk/reward chart is super clear. They are incredibly unlikely to look at you and say oh he might have 1-50 dollars on him, might, and some maxed out credit cards, well Im gonna rob him anyways. That’s pretty much not going to happen. It can though if someone is desperate enough.

As far as gun choices its all about cost and functionality. There’s a movie and in it a guy who is a very serious gun enthusiast and he’s picked out the best gun through an obvious ton of research and he gloats and makes fun of everyone else’s weapons. He gets a gun drawn on him, some compact little foreign piece of crap, and talks some trash about it and draws his own gun. And talks about how great that is. Then the character with the crappy gun just shoots him a few times and he dies. By the crappy gun.

Point of the story is that it just has to shoot a bullet. A cheap 150 dollar used 9mm that works fine and an expensive 1200 dollar brand new .45 work the same. It’s just whoever shoots the other person first. It’s not warfare. It’s not long drawn out battles in which things like long range and long term use make a massive difference. It’s literally shooting someone at a very close range and getting away. People who don’t engage in combat don’t realize that the small nuances of a gun that make it special typically don’t matter. It’s about luck, speed, and the user’s proficiency. Something that draws quick, reliable, and 9mm or bigger…its very simple.

For everything else its all about small AR’s. The m4, the ar15, the ak47, the M1 carbine, etc. Short light and a good bullet. Solid weapons for every occasion and large magazine size. Very simple. Its very easy to get lost in the world of gun preferences. You can do research day and night. Its not going to save you if you don’t hear someone sneak up on you and shoot you in the back. The only thing that will save you is awareness and speed. Even then you face the legal issues of using a gun. If you got a little over zealous you’re quite fucked. It’s a last resort thing. You just have to try to pay attention to the situation.


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