Lesson six – Does anyone read this?

I mean actually read it? I hope not. Because today we’re going to talk about unscrupulous things. Things that make the hood the hood and make life there interesting. The first being ho’s. Street girls. Or not street girls. Sometimes stripper by day and hooker at night.

The first thing you should know about a lady of the night in modern times is that she’s a drug addict. She absolutely does some type of drug or many drugs way too much and with the quantity and persistence of a drug addict. The funny thing about drug addicts is they always die before getting off drugs so there’s no real way you can tell if it was a hobby or addiction. Im kidding, its obvious.

That being said if the internet, phone, or texting is used to contact this hooker you should know truth number two about hookers. Their pictures are always old. They’re always pre drug addiction. They’re going to look young and fit and healthy. In person you’re so lucky if they’re healthy. So lucky.

The third truth is that who they are is not who they are. People are people. Even actors keep many traits of being a human. Like wanting company, attention, affection, love, companionship, jealous, etc. Hookers are trying to get your money. They want love and affection just like everyone and they can tap into that and do and say things to suggest that they like you and want YOU. They don’t want you. You’re gross. They want your money. They never want anything but your money. If you think otherwise you’re going to be broke. If you think otherwise you SHOULD be broke. You didn’t deserve that money.

Drugs. Drugs are great and wonderful. Not really actually. People who think drugs are great and wonderful typically have a chemistry that needs or greatly benefits from drugs. A depressed person with nothing going on would get so incredibly much more out of smoking weed than a wealthy busy and successful man who had an employee drive him to work while he planned this weekends yacht party attended by many beautiful women while sitting in the back seat. Of his luxurious $400k Bentley. It’s the way of the world. An attraction to drugs is just a sign that you have no ounce of greatness in you. You can be like, “Oh what about Scarface, don’t you see my Scarface shirt?” That’s a fictional character you asshole. Pablo Escobar died with his pants half off shot in the back by a cop. His head guys decapitated in the streets. If you think you’re going to be anything in the drug business stop reading this, you failed.

That’s it for today. I have things to do.


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