Lesson Five – Money, food, water.

There’s a book called and about the high cost of being poor. Your communities are more expensive. You cant afford the entry cost to bulk items so you have to pay high costs for what you use in small stores. The trick is what you buy, and saving to buy in bulk. You can buy Ramen and whatever else in bulk and get it for almost nothing.

If you look at the characters in the hood people typically don’t look healthy. They are either overweight and out of shape or super skinny and out of shape. Some of it is cultural. They don’t care it’s not important. Most of it is diet. If you go to a rich white neighborhood a lot of them run and go to the gym and have gym equipment at their house. Its important to them. They can also afford it.

Gym memberships are cheap. Chicken is cheap. Ramen is cheap. Rice, egg noodles, there are a lot of cheap foods. You just have to learn how to eat cheap and stay healthy while no one else around you is. You just have to make do with what you have. You need to accept that. You cant go to dinner and you cant buy food that isn’t cheap. Every now and then you can hit up McDonalds or something. But ideally you need to go to a bulk foods store and buy what you can afford. You need to be able to save as much money as possible for all the necessities of life.

My advice is read the book. Or at least skim through it you lazy fuck.

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