Lesson four – Confrontation

You, being white, will be confronted in the hood by gentlemen and ladies of other backgrounds in the attempt of frightening or threatening you. Remember, these  attacks are always unfounded and without basis. They cannot be “reasoned” out of. I put that in quotes because your logic and reason can get you out of the situation.

There are two situations. Ones can walk away from and ones you can’t. Don’t draw your firearm unless you have to. Sometimes people are just fucking around and want to get a reaction of you. This would constitute 99% of confrontations. Don’t ignore them either. Typically confidently saying something like “You alright?” puts them in an awkward position. You aren’t acting intimidating by them nor are on an opposing side. Something like that puts you on their side in a way. Like maybe they want to talk about something. You can also say something like, “Hey, whats up?” to their “Yo white bitch” comment and act like they didn’t hear you and that can diffuse the situation. You can also continue to have responses that don’t make sense. Troll them. Tell them what time it is. What you choose to do or say is very situational. The goal is to keep moving.

Situations in which you can’t walk away from are obvious. They aren’t going to keep distance or they aren’t going to stay seated. They are physically moving towards you or are already in your face. In every state you’re allowed to defend yourself. Defending yourself has multiple pros and cons. The biggest pro is the obvious one that you would be dead without having done it. The biggest con is that cops simply don’t care who started the fight and you catch a case and/or sentence. A lesser pro is that people won’t mess with you anymore. A lesser con is now you’re caught up in a familial war. Unintelligent people looking for fights with strangers on the street typically come from unintelligent families who are looking for fights wherever.

Tips for fighting. One, you should never be fighting bare handed. If you don’t have any sort of weapon at all you’re stupid and dead. Two, if you have a gun shoot and run and shoot and run. Don’t think you’re in any sort of protected area or that gun is going to defend you from being shot yourself. The intention is not to kill but to get away. If you must kill aim for center of mass and double tap. You should know this. If you’re fighting with a knife or knuckles the goal is to wound your enemy to the point where he needs to seek medical help or die. A large gut spilling slice, a solid neck hit, a femoral artery slash etc. Don’t be stingy and get deep. The human body is made to be attacked it puts everything deep. Knuckles, while considered a concealed weapon that you need a permit for, are great for totally disorienting head hits. Be aware though people who fight a lot are good at dodging punches. If you miss or he has lots of friends you probably brought the wrong weapon. A 9mm or larger with 8 or more rounds is ideal.

Always legally carry. Get the concealed weapons permit. If you ever have to use it and you’re a legal gun owner and they are not the world will have been happy to see them die and you win. Good vs. evil. If you don’t legally carry its evil vs. evil and you lived.


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