Lesson Three – Blending in

Odds are you don’t look like the rest of the hood rats. You know how to read. So you’re already a different breed. You don’t want to look like them. But you don’t want to be too different.

Here is a list of things that will make you prey and some random advice:

1. Being overweight.

2. Being too thin.

3. Dressing in overly nice clothes.

4. Dressing the same as them (They love to prey on each other).

5. Having few numbers/Being a loner.

6. Scruffy looking hair, beard, shirtlessness, wife beaters, etc. Basically looking poor.

7. Being white.

8. Being black.

9. Not looking like you could be concealing a firearm. If you’re out in shorts and no shirt it’s very clear you’re unarmed.

10. Hands in your pockets. Hands in your hoody is another story. You could be holding a firearm. You should be holding a firearm.

11. Putting your head down. Your head should be up. You’re not worried about anything. You’re armed or they perceive you as armed. Just the possibility will make you not worth trouble in most cases.

12. Avoiding eye contact. Make eye contact, say a greeting. They will very rarely say a greeting back. If they get aggressive don’t break eye contact, just don’t respond. Look right through them. When they see they don’t threaten you they’ll assume you’re armed and not worried about their aggression. But if you say something back instigating further aggression that won’t matter to them.

13. You need to care about your physical appearance. Hood rats don’t have the “fair fight” emotions that normal people have. An elderly woman is fair game for victimization to them. If you don’t work out or stay in shape you’re prey and not predator. Look at a lion and look at a rabbit. You don’t have to touch them or see them in action or anything beyond just an image of them to instantly gauge threat. If you’re muscular you gauge threat. Always gauge threat but don’t threaten. Size matters. Size matters so incredibly much.

14. Don’t have flashy things. Don’t leave your blinds open. Don’t have a nice car. Don’t keep your car and property super clean. Don’t have things other people will want so badly they’ll take a risk and steal said things.

15. Opening your door to strangers. Never ever do that. If you don’t know them you don’t open the door.

16. Being friends with cops. Sure cops are a necessity to society. But they’re also the most dangerous and aggressive people in the hood. Be courteous, be respectful, be very submissive and show a lot of humility. They have rules. And they love when they get to push them to the limit. Don’t give them the opportunity. But don’t be their friends.

17. Best way to avoid trouble from police is have a job. Wear your work clothes. They have so much more respect for someone in the hood if they have a job.

So blend in but don’t blend in. You might want to look like you don’t belong there. You don’t want to be one of them but don’t look like you don’t belong. Blend in to the background.

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