Lesson Two. Income.

People in the hood have no real income. I was making $8-15k a year. Yea that’s total crap. And I worked my ass off and wrecked my body every day doing hard labor. That’s why most people in the ghetto stay in the ghetto. Working embarrassing jobs for almost no money is usually not even an option. But if you’re a self respecting human being. You’ll work the shit jobs and you’ll be good at them. Because that’s what you have to do.

You have to buy your time until you qualify for FAFSA. Without it you’ll never get a chance to better yourself. And you’re going to have to juggle living in a low income crime ridden environment and go to school full time. That’s just what you have to do. The escape route is there. You just have to actually take it. This is the same as how to escape from the desert. If you’re trapped on an island in the pacific there’s a specific set of plans you have to take to get back to civilization. Yea there’s no assurance of success. But options are so limited that you fly or die.

As far as quality of work. That’s simple. You take what you can get. If you can get a $10/hr job at the supermarket awesome. You work there and take it seriously. Keep your eye on the prize. If you get a shitty dry wall hanging job for minimum wage…yea that’s what you do for a living buddy. You hang drywall for nothing. And you take pride in it and do a good job. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

It’s very easy to want to get caught up in criminal behavior. Which crime is awesome. It pays well and its minimum work. It’s just a shame you’re basically getting paid for risk. Don’t fool yourself no one ever got rich without breaking laws. Its a simple fact of life. But no one also ever got rich selling drugs or stealing. You might think they have. But at the age of 35 getting a 20 year prison sentence negates having been wealthy for 17 years of adult life. Prison negates wealth. Never forget that. And you live in a totalitarian (google it) country that loves to lock up career criminals and throw away the key. Not to mention after you get out of jail or off probation no one, no one, and I mean NO ONE, not McDonald’s will hire you. You have to work for yourself or under the table or go back to crime. Take that to heart. Probably the best advice you’ll ever get.

You’ll barely survive. Vacations, nice things, nice places, all these things don’t fit in your life. This is ghetto living.

One thought on “Lesson Two. Income.

  1. If hard work, intelligence and ingenuity equaled wealth; then every single mother in Bangladesh and subsistence farmer in Liberia would be millionaires. It is the same with most situations of poverty, same where you live.
    For the most part, people who were born into poverty or fall into it, can’t escape it (short of divine intervention.)


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