Lesson number one. Acceptance.

You’re simply not going to make it if you care. You need to let go of caring. Keeping up appearances is over. Why do you think these jokers dress so flashy? Because they really have nothing to show for themselves on any level. You can always buy flashy clothes though and fake it on the outside. You’re surrounded by people who let their kids smoke cigarettes. Who sell their food stamps for smokes and alcohol. Who don’t care about being educated, feel disenfranchised, and know that they’ll never be more than what they are no matter how hard they try. So they don’t try. They don’t have goals. They don’t care about life or property. And they don’t care about your life or property.

If you care about the things that they don’t care about you will be weaker than them. They have adapted to the environment and so should you.  Assuming you haven’t already. If you’re doubly worried about your car windows being busted out so would be thieves can search your car for some prescriptions then when it happens every couple months its going to be very annoying. If you accept it and move on. You should be fine. You can always get your revenge. That’s a later lesson though.

So own it. You live with people too stupid and unmotivated to hold the most menial of jobs. There are a handful of people around you that do have and keep jobs. They are what I like to call the sustainers. They typically always have what I call leeches, people who use their stability to stay alive, under them. Don’t get caught up in anything while you’re here. Plan on getting out. Don’t make friends, don’t make enemies, don’t make business partners. Nobody here has anything to offer you. If they did they’d live in a better environment.


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